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Family's heartache as driver destroys graves in cemetery


Several graves were run over at High Wycombe Cemetery on Wednesday, leaving grieving families devastated. Many told Buckinghamshire Live they were sickened by the carnage and want the council to act.

It is unclear how the car came to leave the dirt track which runs through the cemetery.

But the video, shared online, shows the motor reverse across a plot and nearly collide with a headstone.

Marilyn Goodenough’s grandmother’s grave was ruined.

“On behalf of the family we truly appreciate all the heartfelt sympathies and support that we have had as one of the families that have had to go through this appalling situation,” Marilyn said today.

“You know, when you lay a loved one to rest that is what you expect. We expected our grandmother – mother – to be laid to rest once and for all and it would be somewhere safe and peaceful we as a family could go to contemplate her life and the memories we shared.

“What you don’t expect is for her grave to be disrespected and certainly not to be run over. It truly was a shock and very upsetting to know that in this day and age respect seems to have disappeared for the living and the dead.

“I just hope people are more considerate when visiting graves and think about the fact they still deserve respect and they are still someone’s loved ones.”

Qamar Aziz, a regular visitor to the cemetery, filmed the clip. He is now calling for measures to be put in place to prevent it happening again.

He said: “It could have been prevented. I go to the cemetery every day to visit my dad’s grave.

“All the graves were trashed. I felt bad so I started helping them but by then it was too late. All the graves were smashed, all the lovely messages and everything were all gone.

“I think the local councillors should take note of this video and put the right measures in place, whether it’s raising the curb or something, to prevent it from happening again.”

Buckinghamshire Council, which is controlled by the Tories, has been approached for comment. 


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