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Family's choice of food on train leaves commuter absolutely fuming

Chowing down on pungent food while on a train is sure to attract disapproving looks, and one family’s brazen feast has left a fellow traveller seething.

The family opted for fish and trips during a lengthy three-hour trip, much to the annoyance of other passengers.

The irate commuter, who uses the train for a 30-minute journey to work each day, vented her frustration on Mumsnet about the lack of consideration shown by the family.

She asked if it was unreasonable to expect fellow travellers to be mindful of their aromatic food choices in shared spaces.

Her post read: “I travel on the train daily to work, 30 mins each way. I’ve just come back from a 3-hour train journey and was shocked that a family of four got on with fish and chips.

“The whole carriage was stinking of fish and chips and the majority of passengers were on the train the whole journey so they had to put up with this for 3 hours. Am I being unreasonable to think that if you travel on public transport you should be aware of those around you?”

In the thread, one person expressed outrage that “nothing is being done to maintain standards” on public transport, citing grievances like “feet on seats” and “luggage on seats”

Another added their two cents, stating: “I think eating on trains is acceptable as people can be on the train for quite a long time but you should be a bit aware of what food you take on in terms of smells.”

Someone lamented the lack of etiquette on public transport, sharing their experience: “On my train (long commute of over an hour) people regularly bring hot takeaway food. I sat next to someone eating sushi recently and another eating ham. Yesterday someone had a whole takeaway pizza. It’s smelly and disgusting! ! Though not as bad as someone clipping their nails a few years ago.”

However, another user on the forum disagreed, suggesting the complaint was overblown: “There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever. If it bothers you so much, consider driving in your own car.”


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