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'Fake Brexiteer!' Furious Britons blast Boris Johnson over EU 'betrayal'


It comes after a leading anti-EU campaigner accused the Prime Minister of being “ashamed” of Brexit and acting as if nothing more needs to be done. Jayne Adye warned the PM that in order to “get Brexit done” properly and to secure his legacy, he needed to pull his head out of the sand and show everyone around him the process is not yet done.

She said: “Even as far back as the start of 2020 – with his fresh 80-seat majority – Boris Johnson had already reportedly banned the use of the word ‘Brexit’ inside Number 10, before we had even got a final trade deal with the EU!

“All this seems to tell the public is that Boris appears somehow ashamed of Brexit.”

She added that the mentality held in some quarters about Brexit only being an event in history lies at the heart of why Mr Johnson “continually fails to deliver” on the opportunities Britain’s exit from the EU was meant to create.

Ms Adye said: “Brexit is not a switch to be flicked on and off and then ignored.”

Express.co.uk reader PGD commented: “Boris always was a remainer, only swapped at the last moment to improve his chances of being leader.

“[Lest] we forget he promoted both Clarke and Hammond to the Lords, both of whom did so much damage to [us] leaving.

“He’s a man without a moral compass.”

Rosandy agreed, saying: “Boris was always a Remainer. He only changed coats when he saw that only a Brexiteer could get voted into No.10, so Boris became a ‘born again’ Brexiteer.


Reader kp said: “Bravo, Ms Adye. This needed saying. Boris has let down the country over Brexit big time. When [Dominic] Cummings was in his government promising to streamline and reform the civil service to get rid of the remainer deadwood, I was delighted.

“But Cummings is gone, and no real effort to reform the civil service has been made. If Boris can’t get back on track and present an example of authenticity and moral leadership he should let another take over who is a real brexiteer and not a sham copy.”

The comments come as Mr Johnson faces mounting pressure to get a grip over No. 10 lockdown rule-breaking as he battles to remain in office.

On Saturday, a sixth Conservative MP called on the Prime Minister to quit over the way he has handled the so-called partygate revelations.

Tim Loughton, a former children’s minister, said in a post on Facebook that Mr Johnson’s position had become untenable and his resignation is the
only way to bring “this whole unfortunate episode to an end”.

The same day, senior Tory MP Tobias Ellwood said the PM must “lead or step aside”, telling the BBC: “We need leadership.”

Further claims have also emerged of regular “wine time Friday” gatherings in Downing Street while coronavirus rules were in place.

The Mirror reports the weekly events are a long-standing No. 10 tradition, including under previous administrations, but they continued after Covid restrictions banned indoor mixing between households.

Express.co.uk reader Rosandy commented: “This latest ‘Borisgate’ scandal over his parties is a national disgrace. The vision of the Queen sitting alone in a church pew was shocking enough, but to hear there were parties ongoing while she was mourning was despicable.

“We need the Downing Street and Westminster swamp dredged clean as a matter of urgency.

“I never thought I’d see the day that I would land up living in a banana republic headed by the Commie Tory Party.”

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