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Facebook Down: Is Facebook down today? When will it start working again?


Facebook is down for thousands of people across the UK, with users being greeted with a black screen when trying to log onto the social media website. How long will Facebook be out of order, and when will it come back online?

Is Facebook down today?

Facebook users have reported a number of issues when trying to log onto their account this morning.

People started reporting the problem from around 8am on Friday morning (April 30), with hundreds of people still affected.

Users complained that they were greeted by a black screen with trying to access their news feeds.

Independent tracked website DownDetector – which analyses mentions of issues across social media – reported more than 800 people couldn’t access their account.

One user said: “Getting a blank page loading Facebook on Safari browser. Chrome is OK.”

Another added: “When I log into Facebook I just get a white blank page when using my android tablet.”

“The app is working for me, but Safari only works on my phone and not the iPad,” said one Facebook user.

Another claimed: “Just a blackscreen on ipad all browsers.”

When will Facebook start working again?

It’s still not entirely clear when the issue will be resolved, but Express.co.uk will update this article when more information is available.

More to follow…


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