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F1 billionaires club has monster net worth of £85bn as season heads to Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix perfectly encapsulates the staggering wealth within F1. A plethora of billionaires are linked to the top echelons of the motorsport in various capacities – and many have descended on the principality this weekend.

Some are actively involved as part-owners, while others prefer to stay out of the spotlight. One even owns a significant portion of FA Cup finalists Manchester United.

As we gear up for Sunday’s race, let’s delve deeper into the F1 billionaires club, boasting a combined fortune exceeding £85billion….

Mark Mateschitz (£31billion)

This Austrian financier, 32, holds a 49% stake in Red Bull’s parent company, inherited from his late father Dietrich, the founder of the conglomerate’s F1 venture, who passed away in 2022. Recently named the world’s wealthiest young billionaire by Forbes magazine, Mateschitz Jnr launched his own energy drinks firm, Thalheimer Heilwasser GmbH, in 2018.

Stefan Persson (£15billion)

This Swedish tycoon owns a share of the Alfa Romeo F1 team, set to be acquired by Audi in 2026. Persson is most recognised for his association with H&M, serving as its chairman until 2020. The 76-year-old still retains a stake in the affordable clothing brand.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe (£12.5billion)

One of the most recognisable figures on this list, Ratcliffe, 71, is unlikely to be in Monaco this weekend – at least for qualifying day. Instead, he’ll be watching the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City, having recently acquired a stake in the Red Devils and assumed control of football operations. His passion for F1 is also evident, with his company INEOS owning a third of the Mercedes team.

Finn Rausing (£5.6billion)

Another Swedish billionaire involved with Alfa Romeo, Rausing, along with his siblings, is an heir to the Tetra Pak packaging fortune. The 68-year-old is expected to retain a 25% stake in the team as it transitions to become Audi.

Bernie Ecclestone (£1.9billion)

Whether you admire him or despise him, there’s no denying that F1 wouldn’t be the global spectacle it is today without the former car salesman. Now 93, Ecclestone, who was F1’s ringmaster for nearly four decades, stepped down as CEO following Liberty Media’s acquisition of the series.

Toto Wolff (£1.25billion)

The Austrian continues to be the face of Mercedes’ F1 entry, both on and off the track. The 52-year-old, who owns a third of the team, has hinted at taking a more behind-the-scenes role but has maintained his desire to remain as team principal for the time being, despite their current challenges.

John Malone (£8billion)

Malone, 83, who owns the Formula One Group through his Liberty Media group, has seen the sport’s popularity surge, particularly in the US which now hosts three races. Malone, who also holds a controlling stake in the Atlanta Braves baseball team, acquired the Formula One Group, responsible for the sport’s commercial arm, back in 2017.

Stephen Ross (£5billion)

Ross is the owner of the Dolphins NFL franchise and was instrumental in bringing F1 to Miami. One of the three US races takes place in Miami, under the shadow of the Hard Rock Stadium, home to Ross’s Dolphins.

Lawrence Stroll (£3.1billion)

Lawrence Stroll is the executive chairman of the Aston Martin team and holds significant influence within his team and the sport as a whole. Thanks to Stroll Snr, his son Lance shares a seat in the sport alongside two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.

Piero Ferrari (£6.5billion)

Piero Ferrari, the only living son of Enzo Ferrari, holds a 10% stake in the iconic Italian car company and is worth £6.5billion. Now 79, he served as a translator for his legendary father, the founder of F1’s most famous team, who didn’t speak English.


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