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'F*** the English!' Scottish fans sing 'sick' chants in Leicester Square ahead of game


Scotland takes on England this evening at Wembley Stadium in a crunch match at Euro 2020  However, ahead of the game, Scottish fans have sparked outrage after wreaking havoc in London.  Videos posted on social media show drunk Scottish supporters causing chaos in a busy Leicester Square. 

Around 20,000 Scottish fans have already descended on London despite pleas from politicians and police to stay away from the capital ahead of the Wembley clash. 

One clip shows supporters chanting “if you hate the f****** English, clap your hands”.

This video was captioned: “Scottish nationalist diplomacy in action. 

“In Leicester Square, whilst blocking the entrance to an open cinema that families use.” 

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Other clips show the fans “foaming up in the fountain” in Leicester Square and pouring beer on police officers. 

One viewer tweeted: “Vile. Imagine if 20,000 English fans came up here and started singing how much they hate Scots. Imagine the outrage from Nicola Sturgeon.” 

Another added: “This will be a disaster on the streets and where will the blame lay?

“Squarely with those standing in the middle of London shouting and chanting how much they hate the English.”

Earlier this week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan pleaded with Scottish supporters not to travel without a ticket or a “safe place” to watch the match.

With only 3,000 tickets to the match, many will be left scrambling to find somewhere to catch the action.

This has prompted the Metropolitan Police to issue a 48-hour dispersal order in central London giving officers the power to remove “anti-social” football fans. 

England head into the game knowing they will be through to the knock-out rounds if they beat Scotland.


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