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Experts say maximalism is a 'huge' 2021 interiors trend and Princess Anne is a fan


Princess Anne’s living room is cosy and full of stuff, including vintage ornaments and horse-riding memorabilia. Interiors experts spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about how the princess’ interiors preferences feed into maximalism, and how you can follow this huge trend at home.

“This can be a cushion that was in your nan’s house to loads of photos. Indeed, anything that makes you feel nostalgic,” Kate added.

“Your home should reflect you, and what you love and that’s what maximal homes are packed full of.”

Tash Bradley, Head Colour Specialist at interiors company Lick Home, agreed that one of the main characteristics of the maximalism style is displaying sentimental objects that mean something to you.

Tash described maximalism as a “mixture of bold colours and patterns, making full use of your space and displaying sentimentality”.

She said: “People are in their homes so much at the moment, so they want to be surrounded by stuff.

“It’s your space and your sanctuary, so don’t create the space for other people – create it for you.”

Tash advised filling your home with jungle and floral patterns and choosing a colour palette from those patterns.

For example, if opting for a floral wallpaper, use that wallpaper’s colours to paint the rest of your room or house.

Speaking about which colours are on-trend this year, Tash said: “Pinks and greens are going to be huge for spring.

“Green is a colour that brings energy to a space, and I think pink is the colour of cuddles, of happiness, and of optimism.”

The colour expert added: “Bright yellow is another good colour for the maximalism trend, and you can layer three different shades of these colours together.

“Green is probably the easiest colour to layer.”

Tash said that many people have opted for green this year because it “connects people to nature” and “brings the outside inside as we haven’t been able to go outside that much”.

Placing plants around the house can also be a good way to connect to nature, and Tash recommended using them to “break up blocks of colour”.

Another tip that Tash recommended if you want to make like Princess Anne and follow both the maximalism and vintage trends, is to buy prints online and put them in frames that you can find in antique markets.

“Upcycling furniture and opting for vintage items is on-trend, and you can find all sorts of treasure in vintage markets,” Tash said.

Looking at the year ahead, the colour expert added: “Maximalism is here to stay – designers are championing it more and more and opting for lived in, cosy, and relaxed styles.”


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