Home Lifestyle 'Excellent results': Mrs Hinch fans share 'fantastic' hack for cleaning tile grout

'Excellent results': Mrs Hinch fans share 'fantastic' hack for cleaning tile grout


Mrs Hinch rose to fame when she started posting nifty cleaning tips and tricks to social media, inspiring an army of cleaning enthusiasts worldwide. The Facebook page Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips offers the ultimate hacks for household chores.

Trish Smith took to Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips with a cleaning concern.

Attaching a photo of some grubby tile grout, she asked: “Any tips for cleaning the grout on these tiles please?”

As always, Mrs Hinch Cleaning Fans members came to the rescue with some handy hacks.

Suzanne Sargent Wong stated: “My tenants left my grout like this and I used HG Cleaner and a scrubbing brush.”

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Lesley Taylor seconded this: “HG Grout Cleaner and scrubbing brush – excellent results on my slate floor.”

Laura Jayne Mason agreed: “HG Grout cleaner is fantastic.”

“Cif cream and a brush works well too,” she said, although she admitted it “took a few goes”.

Debbie Birkin credited the LandHope Grout Brush Bathroom Hard Bristle Brush from Amazon: “I bought this brush and sprayed the grout with Elbow Grease, then mopped with hot water.


Kelly Catlow offered an alternative method: “I would just go over with a thin layer of grout but in a dark colour.”

Claire Adams suggested: “Pink Stuff paste and a toothbrush worked really well on ours.”

Jacqueline Claire Bonney’s top tip was to “just leave neat bleach to work its magic – works wonders”.

Nicky Kelly advised Trish to use lemon juice – “works a treat”.

Tanya Crew offered a new hack, and attached a picture of sparkling tile grout to prove its efficacy: “I washed mine, then got a white grout pen from Amazon to brighten them up.”

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