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Euromillions jackpot is £184m tonight – when to buy your ticket by and your chances to win


Tonight one Euromillions lottery ticketholder could walk away with a jackpot prize of £184m, which is the largest prize available. Although there are no guarantees – only those with a ticket have a remote chance of winning. So when exactly do you need to buy your ticket and what are your chances of winning?

The Euromillions prize draw on Friday, October 15, could see someone walk away £184m richer.

This jackpot is the largest ever lottery prize up for grabs in the UK.

The prize is available after no one won the £184m Euromillions jackpot on Tuesday.

The latest game is expected to entice more hopefuls to enter due to the size of the prize.

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What are your chances of winning?

There are no guarantees when it comes to a lottery draw.

Players choose five numbers between 1-50 and two Lucky Stars between 1-12, but some numbers seem to crop up more than others.

The Euromillions website says the odds of picking all seven numbers correctly are is 1:139,838,160

According to Euromillions statistics, the number 20 is the biggest winner – having been drawn 66 times.

With between 80 to 100 million people purchasing a ticket for a EuroMillions draw each week, it proves stiff competition.

Punters have a 1:22 chance of matching two numbers in the draw, with an approximate overall odds of winning a prize in the Euromillions draw at 1:13.

Dr Laurence Shaw, a statistician at Nottingham Trent University, told Express.co.uk: “On the face of it, picking that small amount of numbers correctly sounds like a very simple thing to do.

“But one way to help someone to visualise how difficult it is to win is to ask them to think of one specific minute from the year 2000 until right now, from any year, month, week, day or hour that has passed since then.

“The likelihood of someone guessing that exact minute is roughly 12 times more likely than picking those numbers correctly.”

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Despite the money rolling over, the jackpot has not increased from Tuesday because it has reached a cap.

Camelot’s Andy Carter, senior winners’ adviser at The National Lottery, said: “It’s all to play for on Friday night as the whopping EuroMillions jackpot of an estimated £184 million remains up for grabs.

“EuroMillions has now hit its cap, which means any money that would have gone into the jackpot will now boost prizes in the next winning prize tier.

“If one UK winner banks the lot, they would instantly become the UK’s biggest ever National Lottery winner.

“Players are urged to get their tickets early to be in with a chance of winning this extraordinary prize.”

If the sum is won by a UK ticketholder, it would top the previous UK record prize of £170m – which was won by a Euromillions ticketholder in 2019.

There have been five UK Euromillions jackpot winners so far this year.

These include anonymous winners who took home £122m and £111m in April and June respectively.

The biggest winners who came forward about their win were Frances and Patrick Connolly from Northern Ireland who scooped a £115m prize in 2019.

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