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EU vaccine rebellion: French and Germans unsatisfied with Covid jab rollout – poll


Last month, the European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen admitted that mistakes were made in the EU’s jab rollout. Only 5 percent of Germans and 4.4 percent of the French have received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Both countries are currently behind the EU average with smaller nations including Hungary, Denmark and Cyprus leading the way in the bloc.

A survey conducted by Kekst CNC, a Munich-based consultancy group, revealed that 18 percent of the public in France and 23 percent in Germany were satisfied with the progress of vaccination in their countries.

Among the Germans surveyed, 51 percent believed that Brussels mishandled its process of acquiring the vaccines.

In Germany, a recent YouGov poll revealed that 26 percent of people wanted to keep lockdown measures in place.

However, 43 percent wanted the restrictions to be relaxed and 17 percent wished for an “immediate return to normality”.

On Wednesday, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel extended its lockdown by three weeks until March 28 despite mounting pressure to relax the shutdown.

But some non-essential retail and other businesses will be allowed to reopen in areas where infection rates are relatively low.

A poll conducted by a local broadcaster in the German state of Hesse revealed that 58 percent of the public were to some extent dissatisfied.

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Concern is growing over scepticism towards the Oxford jab in parts of Germany and France due to comments made by EU leaders.

At the end of last month, during an interview with a German newspaper, Ms Merkel responded to the suggestion she should “lead by example” and be vaccinated with the Oxford jab on camera to control an “acceptance problem”.

She responded: “I am 66 years old and I do not belong to the group recommended for AstraZeneca.”

However, on Wednesday Ms Merkel claimed that recent studies have now provided enough state to approve the Oxford jab to all ages in Germany.

The country is expected to change its stance on the Oxford jab to allow for the older age groups to receive that vaccine.

British author and political commentator, Douglas Murray, told The Telegraph that both Ms Merkel and Mr Macron “deserve condemnation”.

He wrote: “Given the present vaccination rates across the EU, European leaders should be doing everything in their power to encourage vaccine take-up among the general population.

“The comparative figures are – or should be – deeply embarrassing for the EU.

“Almost 29 percent of the UK population has received at least one vaccine shot.

“By comparison the vaccination rates in Italy, Spain, France and Germany hover around six to seven per cent.”


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