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EU scared? German MEPs warns of UK retaliation if AstraZeneca blocked


German MEP Bernd Lange has turned on the EU Commission and warned them that Britain will respond if the European Union follows through with its initial threat to ban vaccine exports. He warned his fellow EU parliamentarians that the bloc was on a “dangerous path” over the export ban and argued that Britain could counter such a move by threatening supplies of key ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine which are produced here.

Mr Lange told the EU Parliament plenary session on Tuesday: “The path of the export ban, I think, is a dangerous path.

“Because by doing so we hold companies accountable, who have been observant of the contracts towards us.

“Pfizer/BioNtech delivers to us in the EU what has contractually been agreed. And if we now impose an export ban on them, and Pfizer/Biontech in fact delivers to GB, it would mean that we are asking Biontech/Pfizer to break contracts.

“And what could be the counter-reactions? Pfizer gets ingredients from GB. Does this mean we would have to expect GB to counteract by banning the deliveries of ingredients?

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“In that case, we would lose our reliable vaccine within a few days. We have to hold AZ accountable,” he continued.

“Why don’t you create legislation, which focusses on AZ and forces them to deliver and not hide the vaccination doses.”

Mr Lange’s words came as his German compatriot Gunnar Beck launched an incredible attack against the EU’s vaccine rollout.

The MEP insisted the bloc had failed to defeat the virus while countries such as the UK had managed to vaccinate large numbers of their respective populations.

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“You need to have a certain number of people who are infected to create herd immunity but we’re still focusing on vaccinations.

“So please put an end to this ruinous lockdown and respect our fundamental principles. 

“We need a great reset but not for the citizens but for the failing EU.”

The MEPs criticism against Brussels comes as the Commission prepares to toughen controls over the number of doses exiting the bloc.


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