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EU member state in total chaos with gang wars and bombs exploding on streets

Sweden, long lauded for its peaceful reputation, finds itself embroiled in a deadly battle against escalating gang violence and explosions rippling through its neighbourhoods.

With gangs unleashing terror on the streets, the nation grapples with how to restore peace amid the chaos. The situation in the country has deteriorated significantly as gangs wielding an array of deadly weapons, including automatic rifles and explosives, engage in urban warfare.

Children as young as 13 are drawn into the fray, becoming unwilling foot soldiers in the conflict, an investigation by Sky News has revealed.

Gang-related violence has reached alarming levels, with more than 360 shootings recorded in 2023 alone, resulting in 53 fatalities. Recruitment into these criminal organisations has become shockingly easy, with online advertisements offering hefty sums for hired killers.

Rooted in societal challenges, gang recruitment often preys on marginalised communities, particularly migrant youth facing limited opportunities. Integration failures coupled with economic disparities have created fertile ground for gang activity to flourish.

The consequences of this violence are devastating. Innocent bystanders find themselves caught in the crossfire, and even the most seemingly secure places are not spared.

Recent bombings, including one that targeted residential buildings, have left residents traumatised and fearful for their safety.

Despite the government’s deployment of emergency measures and increased police presence, the violence persists. The streets have become battlegrounds, with retaliatory attacks escalating tensions further.

An anonymous gang member told Sky News: “You can say I’ve done almost everything, from weapons offences to drugs crime.

“I’ve seen people getting shot, I’ve seen people die, people getting hurt, mothers crying in despair. I’ve seen almost everything but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Asked how gang members are recruited, he said: “In many different ways, for example in schools or preschools, out on the street.

“The people who want to make money are often children. Before, if you were going to kill someone you got a million Corona, around £75 grand, but now the prices are so low that everyone kills, so now it’s 100,000 Corona for one person.”

While authorities grapple with strategies to combat organised crime, the rehabilitation of young offenders remains a pressing concern.

Juvenile detention facilities are grappling with an influx of teenage gang members, highlighting the urgency for effective intervention and rehabilitation programs.


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