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Escape to the Country presenter stunned by buyers final choice 'You've surprised me!'


For their second stop, the show made their way across the border into Oxfordshire, to see a house in the village of Sparsholt, to see “a gorgeous home” Ginny thought was “worth travelling the extra mile for”. 

The property was a 16th century thatched cottage which was grade II listed and it was originally two cottages but was united into one in the 1970s, 

“I’m sensing you’re not as convinced on this one,” Ginny said to Stephanie and she explained: “It’s not quite me. I think it’s just mainly how low the ceilings are.” 

Ginny was hoping the characterful kitchen would win Stephanie over but she remained “unconvinced”. 

The couple then had a look around the rest of the cottage and Ginny told Escape to the Country viewers: “It’s quite interesting, I was listening to them chat as they walk around and I think Stephanie is struggling with the age of this property. But I do think the garden have a lot to offer so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this will win her over.”

But the potential buyers found it difficult to see their plans working with the space. 

So how much was the house worth? It was on the market for £595,000.” 


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