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End of your TV? Better way to stream content for free launches in the UK this month

Britain’s TV landscape is changing rapidly with more UK consumers now choosing to stream shows and movies rather than sitting down for a night of live television. Premium services such as Netflix and Disney+ have been leading the charge but now one of the UK’s biggest free-to-view platforms is also improving the way it beams content to homes.

Channel 4 has just announced a major refresh to its website which it hopes will make finding things to watch more intuitive along with improving the personalisation for each user.

“All Channel 4 streamers – whether they access via channel4.com or one of its Apps – can also now enjoy improved personalised recommendations, based on Channel 4’s distinctive remit and viewers’ tastes,” the service explained.

That should make it faster to discover favourite shows on the web as well as being offered up new content that’s based on previous habits.

Channel 4 says it’s making the changes to “reflect Gen Z’s growing desire to watch Channel 4 on multiple screens, and, advance Channel 4’s unique role in serving young audiences.”

Other changes coming to Channel4.com – which can be accessed via phones, tablets and laptops – including a look that makes it feel more like a streaming app along with a show-led design that features stand-out imagery.

There’s also a simplified way to browse previous episodes of shows and users will see improved guidance options around ratings, accessibility and stream definition.

Channel 4 says it has also worked hard to make things more inclusive with better audio description, sign-language and sub-titles all coming to its platform.

Of course, content is key but Channel 4 reckons it has that covered. Its streaming service will be the home for new and classic shows such as The Gathering, Queenie, Merseyside Detectives, Married At First Sight, ER and The X Files.

It’s also been promised that more box sets will drop soon including We Are Lady Parts (series 2), Hollyoaks, Murder of Laci Peterson and UNTOLD: The Rise and Rise of Taylor Swift.

Speaking about the update, Kiran Nataraja, Director of Streaming and Content Strategy, Channel 4, said: “Channel 4 streamers can look forward to a content line-up that’s distinctive, entertaining and truly stands out – with our commissions reflecting our Britishness, purpose and irreverent attitude that speaks to young audiences.

“We’re also going to give audiences a more seamless, connected and accessible viewing experience across all of Channel 4’s services and platforms. These enhancements support our plan to become the first public service streamer.”


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