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Employees share tricks that help them get through working week – including daily walks


Other aids to maintaining a healthy work-life balance include early nights, a gripping TV series or a good book, a survey found. Some 1,500 adults were asked what keeps them going in their working lives.

A staggering seven in 10 feel their current week is a drag. In all, 28 percent of respondents rated both a daily stroll and plenty of cups of tea throughout the day as essential pick-me-ups.

Just over a quarter relied on a must-watch TV series.

Comfort eating chocolate biscuits was the main thing that helped 19 percent reach Friday evening unscathed. Other fatigue-busters include early nights (25 percent), planning a weekend lie-in (23 percent) and a cracking read (18 percent).

The research, commissioned by Microsoft, revealed 14 percent like to schedule in a power nap after lunch during their working day. Others enjoy sweating it out at a gym (14 percent) or arranging a weekly call with their mother (13 percent). Two-thirds thought they did not have a good work-life balance.

Kate Wright, of Microsoft, said: “As millions of Britons continue to adjust their lives to an evolving new normal, the research shows that many of us are hoping to hold on to some of the positive habits we’ve fostered in lockdown when it comes to a work-life balance.”


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