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Emmerdale theories – Bombshell twist could expose attack plot secret; plus EastEnders & Coronation Street spoilers


EMMERDALE newcomer Marcus Dean has settled into village life on the ITV soap, but following Thursday night’s episode of the ITV soap there tell-tale that suggests he may be linked to villain Jordan.

In the latest instalment of the soap Ethan decided he was going to stop representing Jordan as his client had been seen intimidating Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) earlier in the week.

On his way to the car, Ethan called his boyfriend, but what he didn’t realise was he was being followed by Jordan.

The two men then had an extremely heated conversation about race, and by the time the conversation came to an end, Ethan was on the floor and he was being beaten to within an inch of his life.

Believing something wasn’t quite right, Billy arrived at the location to find Jordan standing over Ethan’s bloodied body.

Marcus looked extremely nervous after locking eyes with Jordan and this seemed to suggest the pair could know each other. 

What could transpire in the next few weeks is the two men went to school together and Jordan bullied Marcus.

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