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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate makes shocking demand of Jai Sharma


EMMERDALE’S Kim Tate offers Jai Sharma a promotion – but will he turns on his friends to get it?

Kim (Claire King) puts Jai (Chris Bisson) in a difficult position in next week’s scenes on the ITV soap.


Will Jai do what Kim demands?[/caption]

Kim demands Jai to step up as manager by firing his part-time colleagues and re-hiring them on zero-hour contracts.

She offers to promote him for his troubles, but Jai is unsure whether or not to betray his friends.

Jai finally reveals the situation to Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and she’s stunned to hear he intends to go through with it in order to keep his job.

Laurel insists he should fight for his friends’ rights.

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Later that day, Jai’s forced into a corner when Kim coldly reiterates if Jai doesn’t do it, she’ll hire someone who will.

Also next week, Noah goes to great lengths with Chloe buying her gig tickets.

But she’s off with Nate at the first opportunity.

She’s soon cheering up Nate who is licking his wounds after a call where Tracy has admitted she is dating someone new.

An unseen Noah spots Chloe with Nate and looks revengeful.

Worried about the way Samson treated Cathy, Lydia orchestrates a ‘birds and the bees’ chat between Sam and his son.

Dan is concerned about Amelia’s internet usage and newfound interest in influencers; his friends devise strategies to help.

But will Dan’s efforts backfire? 


Jai tells Laurel what Kim has told him to do[/caption]


Laurel is shocked by Kim’s demands[/caption]

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