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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate ‘does something not very nice’ to get rid of Dawn Taylor


In recent scenes of Emmerdale, fans have seen Dawn Taylor (played by Olivia Bromely) fired from her assistant’s job at the HOP after Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) planted Bear Wolf’s (Anthony Joshua) missing wallet in her handbag. Kim Tate (Claire King) knew the truth about the situation but didn’t intervene, thinking it was best if Dawn didn’t work for her company, thus meaning her son would see less of her. As for Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), he was not pleased and has since left the family business to return to his position at the local vets, taking Dawn with him and offering her Belle Dingle’s (Eden Taylor Draper) old job, much to his mother’s annoyance. Express.co.uk spoke to the actors involved in ‘The Battle for Home Farm’ storyline about what’s to come, and Claire said her character will do everything she can to ensure Dawn and Jamie’s relationship is ruined.  

In upcoming scenes, Gabby takes a pregnancy test and finds she is going to be having Jamie’s child after they spent a night together. 

Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) knows her secret, and the young woman tries to tell Jamie, to no avail. 

She is left with no choice but to confide in his mother, and creates the idea that she and her unborn baby could have everything Kim has and more should she go through with the pregnancy. 

As for Kim’s reaction, she decides to look on the positive side of the unplanned child and Claire explained: “She wants to look after Gabby, she wants to look after the baby. 

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“If that is going to be [Gabby’s] choice [to keep the baby] – because, you know, a girl’s always got a choice – she [Kim] has to go through all these motions. 

“It has to be all sorted with Laurel as well – but for the moment she’s [Kim] just trying to support Gabby and make sure that she does the right thing, which is whatever Kim wants, basically.” 

Viewers will see Kim “pull the strings to make Gabby do the things she wants”. 

“[Kim is] there for her [Gabby], she listens to her, she bites her tongue [when she moans and complains about Jamie]. She is very supportive,” the actress added. 

However, in order to make Jamie and Dawn permanently split up, “Kim has to push herself to do something, not very nice”. 

“That’s coming up in the future, a little teaser for you,” Claire said. “But yes, that’s what Kim wants; she wants Gabby in the house. She wants to [look after the] grandchild.

“She wants Dawn out the way [and] possibly those two [Gabby and Jamie] together would be ideal.” 

It won’t be easy for Kim to make Jamie see he should be with Gabby instead of Dawn, but Claire said her character will “manipulate” her son “into thinking he needs to be with Gabby for the sake of the [Tate] empire”. 

And the Tate empire is exactly what Gabby wants, but in order to successful gain it, she must learn exactly what Kim is like. 

Rosie said: “I love working with Claire – I do need to do a bit of research on the Tate’s, because obviously Gabby wasn’t born! She knows Kim is fiery and powerful. 

“I’m so excited it’s going to be really good,” she added. 

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 


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