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Emmerdale spoilers: Charles Anderson makes a decision about Manpreet Sharma after trauma of Andrea Tate’s death


EMMERDALE’S Charles Anderson has changed his mind about his future with Manpreet Sharma following his trauma over the death of Andrea Tate.

Fans of the ITV soap will see a shocked Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) when Ethan Anderson (Emile John) drops a bombshell on her.

Charles Anderson revealed he still has feelings for Manpreet
Manpreet agreed it wasn’t the right time for them

Ethan informs her that her sister Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) urged him not to contact his mum and is thrown to think that Meena is playing games with his happiness.

When she questions her on it, Meena says she put Ethan off meeting his mum to protect Manpreet over the fictitious texts they sent him.

Manpreet says they can’t deny Ethan a relationship with his mother but Meena ends the conversation.

Annoyed, Manpreet persuades Ethan to try again with his mum Esme despite her own misgivings.

She’s riddled with guilt after Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) expresses his gratitude for her help.

Manpreet and Charles reminisce on happier times until she leans in for a kiss and he pulls away.

Charles quickly reassures her that now isn’t the right time for them. She knows he’s right.

Apologetic, she makes to head off before Charles calls her back and admits he’s never stopped loving her.

He gets Manpreet to agree to no more secrets if they get together in the future.

Charles has clearly changed his mind on their future.

Back in an episode in October, Charles rejected Manpreet and said they could never be together ever again.

He has been struggling with grief following Andrea Tate’s death.

Charles is not aware that Meena Jutla, Manpreet’s sister, was responsible for Andrea’s death.

Andrea was found dead in the maze that had been set ablaze. It was later revealed she died following a fatal blow to the head.

The fire started during a struggle between Andrea and Meena. 

The fight happened after Andrea witnessed Meena attempting to bring down her love rival Victoria Sudgen (Isabel Hodgins) during a survival challenge. 

Meena ended up chasing Andrea and brutally beat her, leaving her in a critical condition. 

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