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Emmerdale shock as Charles Anderson’s ex-wife Esme arrives with a major bombshell


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Charles Anderson got a bombshell from his ex-wife Esme.

The mystery tormenter turned up – and it was his ex-wife Esme – Ethan’s mum and she had some shocking news for him – he has a daughter.

Charles received a shock bombshell tonight

At first Charles wanted Esme to go but as she explained that she left due to undiagnosed postnatal depression, he heard her out – and discovered the shock truth.

He demanded she leave but she refused, insisting she wanted to see Ethan: “I’m sorry but I can’t. I have no choice. I am trying to do the right thing – that’s why I’m here.”

Then Esme dropped a huge bombshell on Charles – he’s got a daughter.

She told him: “We have a daughter, Charles. Ethan has a sister.

“I was pregnant when I left – it was why I left.”

At first Charles didn’t believe her.

But when she told him the baby was called Naomi – Charles realised she was telling the truth.

She told him: “I tried Charles, I tried really hard to look after her but I couldn’t. 

“I physically couldn’t. It was all too much so in the end I gave her up. I had her adopted. 

“Then just over a year ago she managed to track me down. We quickly developed a relationship. I told her everything about me and you. 

“She made me realise I’m not a bad person, I just made a mistake.”

She revealed she had suffered from postnatal depression and struggled to cope after Ethan’s birth.

Esme gave Charles a letter to give to Ethan in the hopes she could put things right with her son.

However talking it through with Harriet later, Charles was too scared that Ethan would hate him – so decided to keep the letter a secret.

Fans were horrified over what he’s done and think Ethan deserves the truth.

One wrote: “Charles needs to tell Ethan the truth. He cannot keep this from him!”

A second said: “Charles is coming across as a bit of a arrogant so & so. Ethan is an adult, not 8 years old, & can make his own mind up about whether he wants to meet his mum or not.”

Another added: “Charles needs to give the letter to Ethan. Hopefully he’ll do the right thing #Emmerdale”

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