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Emmerdale fans spot something VERY wrong with Andrea Tate’s outfit during killer Meena Jutla chase scene


EMMERDALE viewers have pointed out a “ludicrous” costume blunder that occurred as Meena Jutla continued to torture Andrea Tate in dramatic cat and mouse scenes.

The Yorkshire-based soap kicked off immediately from Wednesday night’s tense cliffhanger, with Meena giving chase to a petrified Andrea.

Emmerdale fans were shocked by the soap’s ‘ludicrous’ costume blunder
Emmerdale fans were confused why Andrea and Meena wore their helmets during the chase

However, while the nail-biting episode left some viewers on the edge of their seats, other eagle-eyed fans were distracted by one small flaw. 

During the lengthy fight scenes between the pair, neither character chose to take off their adventure helmets, leading to overwhelming scrutiny from fans on Twitter. 

One dismayed viewer questioned: “Why is she chasing her with a stupid when they’ve both got helmets on?”

Echoing their comments, another fan added: “You would take your helmet off for a scrap, wouldn’t you?”

Someone else said: “I’m sorry, but I can’t help smiling at how ludicrous two characters with what looks like kids helmets on trying to act a scene calling for drama, but produces sniggers instead.”

While Andrea managed to get the better of Meena on several occasions, it was the killer nurse who, ultimately, had the last laugh. 

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Following Andrea’s fall, Meena approached her and finally removed her helmet, all while keeping her own on her head.

She then callously dragged Andrea from view, leaving her unconscious while a fire caused by a misfired flare began to spread around the maze.

Both Andrea and and Charle’s fate hung in the balance as the first episode ended.

Mercifully, Victoria seemed to be on the mend after Meena attempted to drown her in dramatic scenes aired earlier this week.

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV on Friday, 22 October 2021.

Emmerdale’s Meena tried to drown Victoria earlier this week
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