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Emmerdale fans heartbroken for Leyla Harding as she suffers miscarriage – and faces impossible choice


EMMERDALE fans heartbroken for Leyla Harding as she suffers a miscarriage – and faces an impossible choice. 

​​The wedding planner – played by Roxy Shahidi in the ITV soap – discovered she was pregnant with her husband Liam’s child last month.

Emmerdale fans are devastated for Leyla Harding as she suffers miscarriage
She orders Priya not to tell Liam as she wants ‘one more night’ to process what’s happening

Leyla couldn’t believe the timing of her news, considering Liam’s daughter Leanna only died in July, and decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. 

Tonight, however, she was left facing an impossible choice when she realised she might be having a miscarriage. 

Leyla and Liam went for a drink at the pub at lunch, but Leyla suddenly loomed alarmed and headed off to the toilets.

After a text from Leyla, Priya arrived and Leyla urged her to get rid of Liam. 

Later, Priya visited Leyla and urged her to go to the hospital and see a doctor.

“You can’t carry on like this isn’t happening. You need to get checked out,” Priya insisted.

But Leyla made clear that was out of the question, explaining to Priya: “Because I’m not ready for this to be over. I’ve got used to the idea of being a parent again. 

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“I know that might sound ridiculous. I just need one more night to hold onto the idea that my little baby might still be with me.”

She continued: “I’ll make an appointment tomorrow and I’ll speak to liam. He can come and hold my hand, but right now this is the only thing that I need to hold onto okay.”

Emmerdale fans were devastated for Leyla.

One wrote: “Leyla really wanted this baby I feel for her ???.”

Another added: “Another hard watch incoming as it looks Leyla is miscarrying. ??

A third said: “Leyla needs to tell Liam ??

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