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Elvis Presley's personal Bible up for auction as Riley Keough slams Graceland foreclosure

Elvis Presley’s personal Bible is heading for the auction block this weekend according to GWS Auctions.

The book was one of three found in the rocker’s nightstand by his cousin when he died in 1977.

Elvis, a well-known devout Christian, had the Bible embossed with his full name, Elvis Aaron Presley, in gold on the front cover and it still contains marked pages and annotated passages added by the musician.

Also accompanying the book is a handwritten letter from Patsy Presley, one of Elvis’ cousins that he was particularly close with.

The current bid for the book is $30,000 (£23,000) and is slated to be auctioned on May 25 by the same woman who sued the musician’s former wife, Priscilla, last September.

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Brigitte Kruse, a former business associate of Priscilla Presley, owns the auction house taking on the monumental task, as TMZ reported on Tuesday.

She filed a lawsuit against the 78-year-old over breach of contract, claiming that Priscilla ceased all contacted with her in August and had not compensated her for projects she had worked on.

Brigitte also claimed in the court papers that she had swooped in to save the actress when she was “about 60 days away from financial collapse” and provided management for both Priscilla’s business and personal affairs during the critical time.

In the letter accompanying the Bible, Patsy reportedly recalls finding the book after Elvis’ death as she and “Uncle Vernon”, the musician’s dad, organised his personal items from his Graceland bedroom.

The auction comes amid some turmoil for the Presley family as the legendary Graceland property is slated for foreclosure today.

Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC is reportedly set to put the Memphis property in a non-judicial sale scheduled for May 23.

Riley Keough, Elvis’ granddaughter and the current owner of Graceland, is challenging the foreclosure claiming it is “fraudulent” according to documents seen by People.

She has challenged the authenticity of her mother and late owner of the property, Lisa Marie Presley’s, signatures on loan documents.


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