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Elton John home: Inside legendary singer’s stunning mansion as he celebrates 74th birthday


Sir Elton John and his husband share a stunning mansion in LA where they live with their two sons. The “Rocket Man” singer owns properties across the world, including in London, Windsor and Nice. LA, known for its year-round sun and celebrity status, is home to a plethora of famous faces including Elton and David.

Antique-looking objects can be seen in the background on a sideboard.

White panelling lines the bottom third of the walls, giving it a classical feel.

Other photos of Elton reveal chestnut furniture, dark wooden floors and ornate rugs.

Red curtains with gold patterns hang from the long, white-framed windows.

Living room

Unsurprisingly, Elton’s house is full of bold and vibrant pieces of art.

The couple have decided to keep much of their house white to allow their stunning artwork to take centre stage.

Dining room

A photo from David’s Instagram account reveals an open-plan dining area leading into the living room.

A glass dining table and brightly coloured, baroque-style upholstered chairs are positioned in the centre of the room.

Beautiful flowers including yellow roses and a white orchid are in the centre of the table.

More artwork, sculptures and vases can be spotted on the ceiling and on a shelf above the entrance to the room.


A sneak peak of the kitchen reveals a continuation of Elton and David’s unique style.

A red coffee machine and an ornate glass lamp can be seen behind Elton in a video from his Instagram.

White cupboards, bar chairs and mirrors make the room look almost futuristic.


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