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Elon Musk sparks debate with ‘strongest argument’ against existence of aliens


The multi-billionaire is no stranger to sharing his thoughts on both serious and irrelevant matters and this time he seems to be targeting life among the stars. His latest quip concludes that extraterrestrials do not exist because every photo of a UFO within the last two centuries seems to have the most terrible image quality despite camera resolution constantly improving.

He simply wrote “strongest arguments against aliens,” and submitted two line charts depicting camera resolution vs UFO picture resolution.

The camera resolution line chart shows a rising curve, as camera resolution has improved year on year, whereas the UFO picture resolution depicts a flat line, suggesting that every UFO picture looks terrible.

The post garnered over 400 thousand likes and prompted more than 12 thousand comments from people all over the internet looking to share their thoughts.

One Twitter user quipped back: “That’s exactly what an alien would tweet.”

Another user was quick to point out that the SpaceX CEO has previously called himself an alien on the social media platform.

Other comments ranged from the serious to the bizarre, with many mocking Mr Musk or playing along with the joke.

“‘OH LOOK A FLYING SHIP FULL OF ALIENS’ lemme grab my worse possible camera” wrote one user.

Mr Musk has also previously commented on the origins of the Egyptian pyramids in a similar conspiracy theory quip.

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Speaking to Joe Rogan on his podcast earlier this year, Mr Musk said he didn’t think about aliens at all.

He said: “If they show up, great, this is new information. I’ll be the first to the first to be like – ‘ah aliens!’

“If aliens visited, there would be something buried somewhere.”

He added: “Maybe there are aliens, but they’re very subtle…they’re being pretty shy, as far as we can tell there’s none.”


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