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Eliminate moss from lawns ‘in as little as 4 days’ with gardening expert’s ‘crucial’ item

Moss will compete against your grass for growing space and if you have poor lawn care, it will win.

Mossy grass may lead to an irregular colour and surface on the turf, with loose moss contributing to a spongy sensation under your feet.

Though moss spreads easily and can grow on all soil types, its presence doesn’t mean a lawn is doomed, moss removal from a lawn is possible. 

To say goodbye to the pesky growth, gardening experts at Moowy claimed that there’s just one treatment gardeners need – iron sulphate.

They claimed that “an accurate measure of iron sulphate kills moss in as little as four days”.

Iron sulphate is “crucial” for banishing lawn moss but also to aid plants as it helps them produce sugars through photosynthesis using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. 

This process “enhances plant strength” and “gives your grass that lush, deep green colour”.

Express.co.uk has found two iron sulphate products that are highly rated by fellow gardeners who have purchased the product.

The first one is the Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate that retails for £13.95 at B&Q. One customer said: “Easy to use and does exactly what it is supposed to do.”

Alternatively, gardeners can opt for PSN Premium Iron Sulphate on Amazon for £14.99. Customers like the quality and performance of the fertiliser. They mention that it works “almost immediately and is of top-notch quality”, however, one customer claimed that the product arrived in a “bad condition full of very hard large lumps”.

Iron sulphate is “most effective” when applied under dry and windless conditions, according to the experts.

Light watering will speed up absorption into the soil, but you can also spread when rain is expected, preferably not a downpour to avoid washing away.

The “ideal period” for the application of iron sulphate would be from September to May.

Give your lawn time to absorb the compound, and avoid treading on it for at least several weeks.

Keep in mind that iron sulphate can leave stains. Be careful with stones, concrete and paving, as stains can appear there too.


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