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Eliminate grease from air fryers in 10 minutes with 16p kitchen item – no vinegar needed

Air fryers are a modern kitchen staple, with many households opting for this energy-saving appliance over their ovens. 

Around a third of UK households own an air fryer to cook popular items such as chips, potatoes and chicken.

However, with frequent use comes frequent cleaning as grease can build up quickly in air fryers which can cause lingering odours.

Ashleigh Tosh, from MuscleFood.com, said: “Air fryers are fantastic for cooking up delicious foods but they can be a nightmare to clean properly.

“Grease marks can be the worst for this, especially if they’re left after using the device.

“Not only will it lead to disgusting smells but the fryer itself will be a breeding ground for bacteria.”

If you’re looking for a “quick and easy solution to make an air fryer fresh and clean to use”, the expert has revealed several items to use.

1. Baking soda 

Sprinkling baking soda in the air fryer can help lift food marks so they’re easier to wipe down. 

Fill it up afterwards with hot water and drain out all of the dirt or grime for a “sparkling finish”.

2. Lemon 

This citrus fruit can help to “scrub off stubborn stains” whilst leaving a fresh-smelling scent behind.

Zoe McLean, a senior home economist at Breville also recommends using lemons but recommends adding it to water. 

She said: “By adding a (heatproof) bowl of sliced lemons and water and then switching the air fryer on for just 10 minutes that will help to remove the smell, leaving your kitchen smelling like a fresh, citrus wonderland.

“Lemons are not only a common household food item but, because of their acidity, a great natural cleaning product that is safe to use in your air fryer.”


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