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Electric car owners will soon be able to charge their cars for free


A new tariff will offer free power when Britain’s renewable energy sources are generating extra solar and wind power. Drivers will immediately be sent a notification warning of a four-hour “flash” window where charging will be free.

The new scheme means many Tesla owners could charge their cars for up to 329 miles without paying a penny.

Meanwhile, a similar journey in a family petrol car would cost roughly £30.

Jaguar I-Pace owners could top up their cars for up to 292 miles with Kia e-Niro drivers able to drive 282 miles on electric power.

With an average mileage of 20 miles per day in the UK, a full top-up could easily last between two and a half to three weeks.

“There will be over 70 pure electric models available to buy in 2021 and the UK now has close to 500,000 plug-in vehicles on the road.

“This innovative tariff is supporting these seismic shifts by offering drivers a cheaper and greener way of charging their vehicle.

“Zap Flash goes above and beyond what’s currently on the market by listening to what people want and helping them go electric.”


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