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Easy Elf on the Shelf ideas: Five easy and fun ideas that take less than 10 minutes


To make the countdown to Christmas even more exciting for little ones, many families choose to introduce the Elf on the Shelf over the month of December. Try these crafty ideas to make the most of your elf and give the little ones a laugh.

The Elf on the Shelf is a new tradition where a toy elf comes to visit and keep an eye on children’s behaviour across the month of December.

Parents move the elf around the house, much to the delight of their kids, to remind them the elf is keeping a watchful eye over them to report back to Santa who is in the final stages of compiling his “Naughty” and “Nice” lists for the year.

According to the book, if children touch the elf he will “disappear forever”.

Creative parents have come up with many imaginative ways to display the elf around their home, getting the creature into all kinds of hijinx.

If you’re scratching your head over how to display your elf this year, look no further than these easy and fun ideas for your elf on the shelf.

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An elf zipline

To get around while everyone’s asleep without disturbing anyone, it’s perfectly plausible your elf might set up their own zipline network around the house.

Simply string up some spare washing line, ribbon or string, and attach your elf’s hands around the rope with a small piece of gardening wire to recreate a scene from Mission: Impossible in your home.

To make stringing up the elf’s zipline easier, tie one end of your chosen cord around a light fitting, or attach to a picture hook on your wall.

Tack the other end to a wall, aiming to create a downwards angle so it looks as though your elf is zooming across the wire.

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Caught snacking

If there’s a particular snack your family are particularly keen on, stage a scene with the elf helping himself.

Hiding the elf in the biscuit tin will help you catch anyone red-handed who reaches for a biccy!

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