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Easy April Fools' Day pranks: 5 simple pranks to get a laugh out of your friends & family


April Fools’ Day is an annual tradition in many Western countries, which is celebrated with practical jokes and pranks. Though it has been celebrated for many centuries, the exact origins of the holiday are largely unknown.

When celebrating, jokesters often expose their actions by shouting “April Fools!” at the recipient of their prank.

Mass media also tends to join in these pranks, often revealing the truth of their actions in the afternoon or the following day.

Traditionally, April Fool’s jokes and pranks should only be pulled until midday on April 1.

Though the rules vary around the world, in England, as soon as the clock strikes noon, you are meant to come clean about your pranks.

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Give someone a jump scare

A classic April Fools’ Day prank – jump out and give a fright to someone who least expects it.

Surprise your friends with sprout pops

Why not whip up a storm in the kitchen and make some cake pops for your friends.

However, instead of cake at their centre, instead, dip Brussels sprouts into icing or chocolate.

Then watch as your friends bite into them and discover the unexpected vegetable centre.

Get a scream with some rubber creepy crawlies

Another traditional prank is the good old rubber snakes and spiders.

Rubber critters can be bought from toy or joke shops, and tucked away in corners around your home.

One idea is to hide them inside the drawers of your kids or spouse and wait for them to open and get a fright.

Turn your co-worker’s computer screen upside down

If you have a Windows computer, one way to trick friends and co-workers is by flipping the screen upside down.

To do this, press the Ctrl, Alt and down arrow keys together.

This will flip the display screen upside down, likely to result in some confusion.

To reverse the screen back, simply press the Ctrl, Alt and upward arrow keys at the same time.

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