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Easter dog outfits put to test – B&M offering £6 lamb, chick and rabbit coats


“The amount of blankets and hoodies of that material that have seen a few rounds with his teeth is absurd.”

This meant that whenever Millie attempted to get the costume anywhere near her dog’s legs or head, Rafferty wanted to eat it.

She said: “The light colour stayed clean for one tenth of a femtosecond.”

“The next hurdle was the actual design of the costume,” Millie continued.

“You know those funny Halloween costumes that make the wearer look like they’re being carried by an alien or that they’re riding a horse?

“The ones that have fake legs to create a bit of an optical illusion? That’s what these outfits are like.

“Which means that the outfit is only meant to be worn at the front and with only the front legs, which also means it’s easy to pull off and is bulky enough to be in your dog’s line of vision.”


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