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Easter 2021: Police crackdown on yob rule over fears of a Covid time bomb


Officers were initially beaten back when they tried to break up a rave in Manchester. And as thousands plan to descend on open spaces, authorities pleaded for common sense after fights among drunken yobs who left mountains of litter. Police fear worse is to come over Easter and vow the lockdown law breakers face fines or arrest as patrols are boosted. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, of London’s Metropolitan Police, said: “We will shut down house parties or dangerous raves quickly, taking enforcement action by handing out fines. 

“We make no apology for our tough stance on shutting down those large gatherings which pose a serious risk to public health.” 

In Leeds fights broke out among revellers in Hyde Park and Woodhouse Moor, where youths battled with machetes on Tuesday night. 

Two teenagers have been arrested. 

In Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl hundreds of young people attended a massive rave. 

A police spokesman said: “As officers attempted to engage with a group at the scene they were met with hostility causing them to withdraw.”

The force said the gathering was “swiftly dispersed” when reinforcements arrived.

But the yobs left the area strewn with rubbish and broken beer bottles. 

Local councillor Rabnawaz Akbar branded it “selfishness pure and simple”. 

By yesterday morning, volunteers and council contractors had removed 58 bags of waste.

Meanwhile, officers in the Harborough area of in Leicestershire reported: “We are having to take another child home who is drunk from a park.” 

Councillor Phil Knowles said 300 people had flocked to one park. 

He said: “That’s a vast number of people all happily smashing the Covid rules without a care. 

“They are setting up another Covid-19 time bomb all set to explode.” 

Police say large indoors gatherings, such as illegal raves, remain the biggest threat to public health. 

Martin Hewitt, Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said: “We will focus on breaches that pose the biggest health risk such as large indoor gatherings.”


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