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EastEnders spoilers: Tragic death to rock beloved Walford family in brutal exit twist?


Denise (played by Diane Parish) has been desperate to save her daughter Chelsea (Zaarah Abrahams) from death or at least, from a lifetime behind bars for getting involved with a dangerous drug lord on EastEnders. This has included trying to set up Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) as a mule to traffic a package of narcotics to Ibiza, which brought up some problems when the serial killer wanted to double-cross his own daughter. As it seems the action came to an end on the BBC soap earlier this week, it could be that Denise is the one who gets caught in the crossfire as the drugs storyline might not be over.

Although her boyfriend Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is a police officer, Denise had tried to keep the authorities out of this case in fear Chelsea would get sent to prison.

This had caused some animosity between the couple as the detective had told his partner on several occasions having the police involved would simplify the matter and make it less dangerous.

However, the mother-of-three thought she knew best and continued to pursue drug lord Caleb Malone’s (Ben Freeman) plan.

During Tuesday’s double-bill, Jack did intervene as he managed to arrest the gang and even sent Lucas back to prison, but the ordeal might not be at an end.

According to legal expert Tony Wyatt, Associate Counsel at Ewing Law and best-selling crime author under the pseudonym Tony Kent, this could end very badly for the Fox family.

“Unfortunately for Chelsea, Denise and Lucas – well, perhaps less so for Lucas, whose early release from a life sentence for a string of murders already beggars belief – the Fox family’s only way out of this situation is a dangerous one,” he explained, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.

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For the biggest shock factor and given the fact Chelsea and Lucas only returned at Christmas, Denise could be the victim of the drugs storyline as Caleb’s associates come after the Fox family.

It wouldn’t be the first time the writers have tried to kill off the beloved character as Lucas once played out her death during his first stint on the show back in 2010.

After taking her hostage, he hid her away from her family in a basement for weeks as they mourned the loss of their loved one.

Ultimately, this resulted in his exit from the programme when the mother-of-three managed to escape his evil clutches.

The villain was sentenced to years behind bars for the other residents of Walford he had killed as well as faking his ex-wife’s death.

Legal expert Tony explained that Jack was always going to be the person to save the beloved character if she weren’t to die, adding: “[Denise is] left with one hope: tell Jack, pray that the police believe them and then take the risk of cooperating in an operation to take down Caleb Malone.”

The fallout is likely to be disastrous for the Fox family in the light of this week’s events as Denise could have a lot of resentment towards Chelsea.

Having recently reunited, this would cause an immense strain on their relationship so is the conclusion of the storyline going to impact the Fox family in a different sense?

Will Chelsea be forced to exit instead of her mother as she feels utter guilt for getting her family embroiled in a dangerous plot?

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show were desperate for the plot to come to a conclusion, with one writing: “There’s not even much point watching the Denise/Chelsea scenes at the moment because it’s just the same scene over and over #EastEnders.”

Another posted: “Is Denise stupid? After this job, Caleb will just get Chelsea to do more jobs, it won’t be over just like that #eastenders.”

Whilst a third remarked: “#EastEnders. Oh, Denise – you’ve let Chelsea bring nothing but trouble to your life! Tell her to close the door on her way out!”

“#EastEnders why is Denise allowing Chelsea to control her? Let her deal with her own mistakes! I just wish Chelsea would go away!”

EastEnders continues Monday at 8:05pm on BBC One.


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