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EastEnders spoilers: Jay Brown takes revenge on scheming Janine Butcher


JANINE Butcher has stopped at nothing to get her hands on some cash.

But with Jay Brown roaming in an upcoming EastEnders episode, the character portrayed by Charlie Brooks finally gets some form of comeuppance.


Janine Butcher is about to get some comeuppance for her actions[/caption]


Jay has been at odds with Janine for a number of years[/caption]

Maximum Motors owner Jay (portrayed by Jamie Borthwick) has been waiting for the right moment to get his revenge on Janine.

And it appears that the odds will be in his favour in a new instalment of the BBC One soap due on the air on January 20, 2022.

When his partner Honey is embarrassed to see him completing his community payback, Janine takes pleasure in seeing him struggle.

Jay doesn’t have to wait long before his chance for payback comes along in the form of social worker Claire.

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The latter bumps into Jay at the car lot and asks him for a character reference for Janine.

A vengeful Jay is delighted and he happily tells Claire all of Janine’s history.

But how will Janine react?

Jay has a good reason for holding a grudge against her.

Back in December, 2021, and mere days before Christmas, Jay was arrested for Janine’s car theft scheme.

While he had agreed to help her, her son Liam Butcher (Alfie Deegan) and his own foster father Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) in their heists, they all turned on him when Liam messed up a theft at his sister Tiffany’s birthday party.

Although a search of his car showed nothing incriminating, Janine asked Bill to throw Jay under the bus by planting jewellery from the stolen cars in his belongings.

When he was caught red-handed by Jay, Billy retracted despite his own issues with his foster son… but Janine soon caught up and planted the evidence herself.

Billy and Jay’s relationship has been strained due to the latter being romantically involved with Honey, who was once Billy’s wife.

Jay was arrested in front of Honey and the children, suspected of being the mastermind behind the car thefts in Walford and has been given community payback as retribution.

Jay will also make another attempt at getting revenge on Janine by confronting Mick over his suspicions that both characters are having an affair.

EastEnders airs every weeknight with the exception of Wednesdays on BBC One.

BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

Jay’s relationship with foster dad Billy Mitchell has been strained[/caption]


This was due to Jay’s relationship with Billy’s ex-wife Honey[/caption]

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