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EastEnders shock as Phil Mitchell discovers Tina Carter’s body – and gets arrested


EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Phil Mitchell discovered Tina Carter’s body – and got himself arrested.

The hardman – who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap – smashed up the Argee Bhajee to scare off Tommy Moon’s bullies – and ended up finding Tina’s corpse.

Phil Mitchell wound up being arrested in a shocking EastEnders
Tina Carter’s body was discovered under the floorboards tonight

Earlier Tommy ran as Scarlett screamed for Phil for help when they were surrounded by his bullies.

The schoolboy managed to make it into the old Argee Bhajee restaurant to hide – but they tracked him down.

Surrounded Tommy was petrified and told them: “My brother’s been in prison for killing someone.”

But as they attacked him Phil arrived with a huge pole.

Going full Phil Mitchell, Phil smashed the pole into the floorboards – smashing them up and terrifying the gang of kids into fleeing.

“You want to have a go, eh?” he raged as he smashed the pole at them. 

“You want to have a go? I’ll show you what messing it. You want to mess with my boy.

“I’ll show you what messing it, get out of it.”

After the kids fled, Phil and Tommy shared a smile – but looking down Phil’s face dropped.

He saw Tina’s rotted away hand and quickly ushered Tommy outside and called the police.

However that soon backfired on him when they arrived and arrested him for affray – and that was just the start.

Keeble told him: “Phil Mitchell, Maguire’s statement finally stood up. 

“You are under arrest for affray. You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court. 

“Anything you do say may be used in evidence. I hope you said your goodbyes.”

Ignoring the laughing Keeble, and turning to Kat, Phil said: “Kat, I love you.”

And he was driven away by the police but fans are furious at how it went down.

One wrote: “that was an incredible ending. an excellent episode to end the week. Poor Tina gosh horrific but we ain’t loseing Phil no way.”

A second said: “Phil found Tina’s body and is being arrested omg.”

Another gasped: “F*** this Phil storyline, they found Tina’s body????”

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