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EastEnders’ Kirsty Branning star Kierston Wareing looks worlds away from her character 8yrs after exit


EASTENDERS’ Kirsty Branning cemented her place as the queen of drama when she wrecked Max’s wedding to Tanya.

She turned up moments before their vows on Christmas Day in 2012 telling his bride to be with a smirk: “My name’s Kirsty Branning. I’m his wife.”


Kierston Wareing joined in EastEnders as Kirsty Branning in 2012[/caption]


The actress, seen here on screen with Max Wood, left in 2014[/caption]

Actress Kierston Wareing, 44, who played her, became a rapid fan favourite, appearing on screen until 2014.

While Kirsty was always blonde, Kierston has dark hair in real life, often posting shots on her Instagram account.

The Bafta-winner combines selling vintage clothes and other items online alongside her acting roles.

She went on to star as Lisa in Sky drama Mad Dogs, Leda in the BBC’s Striki and even popped up in the big-budget miniseries The Bible.

Kierston also appeared alongside Idris Elba in the British movie 100 Streets.

The star also made a brief return to soapland in 2015 when she played Hollyoaks’ Ashley Davidson, who she described as not having “a nice bone in her body”.

But she is best remembered as Max Branning’s third wife, whose existence he has kept quiet from current fiancée Tanya Cross.

However, given his address by his brother Derek she turns up at his door at the worst possible time.

Kierston described her time on the show as bizarre since she had grown up watching EastEnders.

She explained: “It was really weird doing my first scene – even though I have done things before, this was a show that I have grown up with as a child.

“Suddenly I’m on the Square and it’s very surreal and I am seeing legendary characters like Sharon, who I have grown up watching – it’s bizarre. And now I know her as Tish, and we’re friends.

“Then there was another moment a few weeks later when I was sitting in The Vic and June Brown walked in, and it feels like you have literally jumped into your own TV set.”

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