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‘Easiest way’: Mrs Hinch fan shares cheap microwave cleaning tip – ‘it was gross before’


Mrs Hinch fans regularly take to dedicated cleaning social media pages to share their tips and tricks. Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, one woman asked for some cleaning advice when it came to her microwave oven.

Yolande Clarkson said: “Have you tried a lemon squeezed into water? Put it in and turn on for a few minutes, the steam helps to clean it.”

Lea Mcmillan added: “Lemon juice in a bowl of water and heat for five minutes.

“The lemon helps to sanitise and all the grime comes off so easily, also gets rid of any smells.”

Sophie Grimshaw wrote: “Lemon is the easiest way, also the cheapest.”

It will also leave a fresh smell in the microwave when used regularly.

Louise Murdoch explained: “Definitely the lemon. Put a bowl of water with lemon in it on for three minutes.

“Leave for a few minutes and it will wipe clean. If it’s really bad, do it a few times. It’s the safest way.”

Patricia Kelly recommended cleaning the microwave after every use.

This will help many keep on top of their cleaning and ensure that food particles in the microwave don’t build up.

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