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E10 fuel changes: Warning over misfuelling 'mistake' with new petrol – expert advice


It is estimated that 600,000 older vehicles manufactured before 2011 and classic cars should not use E10. They are encouraged to continue using E5 petrol which will still be available in super grade at many filling stations.

“Putting E10 petrol into a diesel vehicle will definitely spell trouble.

“People can check on their vehicle’s compatibility with the new E10 petrol by clicking on the GOV.UK website.

“If people are still uncertain, we suggest contacting the vehicle manufacturer who will be able to clarify whether it’s safe to use E10 petrol.

“The change only applies to petrol driven vehicles.

“Unlike putting petrol into a diesel engine, you shouldn’t need to drain the tank.

“On a one-time basis, your vehicle will not suffer engine damage as a result.

“Prolonged use of E10 petrol in a non-compatible vehicle, however, may cause harm and is not recommended.”

E10 has been introduced to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with petrol vehicles and tackle climate change.

The petrol has been used around the world for many years, including across Europe, the US and Australia.

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