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E-scooters ban proposed after 'increasing complaints' from local residents


Bristol’s Conservative Group said they had received concerns about road safety risks surrounding e-scooter use in the city. They said the e-scooters were creating “new hazards” for drivers and pedestrians and were a “nuisance” to neighbourhoods.

In a motion tabled ahead of this week’s City Council meeting, Conservative Councillor Lesley Alexander even suggested there was a “lack of enforcement” surrounding e-scooters.

The motion calls on e-scooter trials to not be extended past its expected finish next month.

The motion also asks for councillors to receive an opportunity to vote on whether to make the tools permanent.

It said: “[The] Council is conscious of increasing complaints around road and pedestrian safety, an apparent lack of policing or enforcement, silent scooters being ridden on pavements to create new hazards and nuisance as well as clutter where motors are simply discarded in a haphazard fashion.

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E-scooter company Voi, who provide scooters in Bristol, said only a “small minority” of riders fail to comply with safety requirements.

However, Voi has previously admitted thousands of riders have been banned from using e-scooters in other areas.

Over 1,000 people had been banned from riding e-scooters in Liverpool over just seven days of riding.

Last month, a Birmingham Councillor also called for e-scooters to be banned due to safety concerns.

Labour Councillor Chaman Lal said he backed official trial schemes but did not want to see e-scooters sold in shops as they were a “nuisance to society”.

He said: “It begs the question: if they can’t be used, why are they being sold?

“It’s illegal to ride them on roads, only legal on private land, and yet we constantly see people on them in our streets.

“It’s up to the police to take action, but the onus can’t always be with them to sort it out. It’s a burden for officers on top of everything else they’re dealing with.”

Under current rules, private e-scooters cannot be used on roads or pavements.

Rental e-scooters are allowed on roads and cycle lanes but will continue to be banned on pavements.

Riders of rental e-scooters must also follow strict rules such as a maximum 15mph speed limit

Trials have been extended until March 2022 when the Government is expected to decide on the future of the schemes.

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