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DWP issues vital update on May payment dates for state pension, Universal Credit & PIP


The DWP is responsible for administering a number of payments including the State Pension, Universal Credit and PIP. It is the duty of the Government to ensure the correct individuals receive the right payment at regular intervals. This will be important to millions of people, often who budget around the receipt of monthly or weekly payments.

Baroness Stedman-Scott, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the DWP, commented on the matter.

She said: “With the first of the May bank holidays only two weeks away, make sure you know when you will be getting your payments. Many are being made early.”

Indeed, there is also set to be another change which will occur at the end of the month of May, due to another bank holiday.

Individuals expecting to be paid on Monday, May 31, will be impacted due to the holiday in Scotland, England and Wales.

On Monday, May 3, job centres and phone lines will be closed, and a regular service will resume on Tuesday, May 4.

This is also the case for the late May bank holiday, where closures will take place on Monday May, 31, and reopen on Tuesday, June 1. 

Fortunately, to receive an earlier payment, Britons will not need to take any action.

This is because the payment should be automatically made into the bank, building society or credit union account of their choice. 

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