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DVLA may force drivers to ‘surrender’ driving licence with elderly above 70 most at risk

The DVLA mandates that some motorists “must surrender their driving licence” if they have a possibly dangerous medical condition, according to experts. 

Specialists at comparison site Easyquote stressed motorists must meet the “necessary driving standards” to remain on the road. 

The law states that motorists must keep the DVLA informed of any medical conditions with over 100 problems potentially putting drivers at risk. 

Not every medical condition will require road users to stop driving but some could leave others at risk and lead to photocards being confiscated. 

Easyquote made the revelation as they revealed several ways road users could be caught out by DVLA fines this summer. 

They said: “Failing to report a medical condition could lead to a fine of up to £1,000, and drivers involved in accidents risk prosecution. 

“The DVLA maintains a comprehensive list of over 110 conditions that could impair driving abilities, which some motorists may not be fully aware of.

“Common conditions requiring disclosure include diabetes, vertigo, and sleep apnoea, among others listed on the DVLA website. 

“In severe cases, the DVLA mandates that drivers must surrender their licence if they do not meet the necessary driving standards.”

Last year, data from the DVLA revealed elderly road users suffered from more medical conditions than younger motorists.

Analysis of their casework statistics last Autumn showed road users over the age of 70 were the most impacted with over 16,000 people suffering from a single medical condition. 

Another 1,2000 have “multiple medical conditions”, more than any other age range on UK roads. 

Motorists can voluntarily surrender their licence if they feel a medical condition is causing concern on the roads. 

GOV.UK stressed that giving up driving through choice will “make it easier to reapply for a new licence” later down the line.

However, road users who do not voluntarily hand over a licence could be forced to in certain extreme cases. 

GOV.UK said: “DVLA will carry out medical checks to decide if you can continue to hold a driving licence. This can take several months and you will not be able to drive while they do this. If DVLA decides that it’s not safe for you to drive, your licence will be revoked.”

Easyquote has also warned road users could risk being caught out by failing to declare car modifications such as new spoilers and bodywork. 


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