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Drugs, guns found in Bronx apartment with 7-year-old child; 8 migrants arrested: NYPD

Eight men were arrested in a Bronx apartment after cops found numerous guns and at least 3 ounces of drugs in the same room a 7-year-old child was playing in, police said Monday.

Cops were responding to the multi-family home on Hull Ave. near E. 207th St. in Norwood around 10 p.m. last Wednesday for calls of a man with a gun, NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said at a news briefing.

A sergeant and two officers pulling up to the address spotted Hector Desousa-Villalta, 24, pointing a gun at a group of people.

The cops chased the man into a basement apartment, tackled him and recovered the gun, Chell said.

Inside the apartment were seven other men and a 7-year-old child.

As cops arrived, Javier Alborno, 22, snuck a gun into his armpit and tried to walk out of the apartment but was apprehended before he could do so, Chell said.

When officers executed a search warrant, they recovered four loaded guns, three loaded extended magazines, a box of ammo and at least a few ounces of both cocaine and ketamine, cops and sources said.

Police took Desousa-Villalta, Alborno and six other men into custody and charged them with criminal possession of a controlled substance and other related charges, Chell said.

Four of the men are from Venezuela. Cops are still working to track down information on the other men arrested.

Desousa-Villalta and Alborno have ongoing cases in Yonkers and in the Bronx, respectively, he added.

In August, Desousa-Villalta was charged with attempted murder after he rode to Yonkers on a moped and shot a man during a fight over a woman. The complainant in that case “is in the wind,” according to Chell, creating a snag that has delayed prosecution.

Alborno was arrested in September at the same apartment in the Bronx after cops found him to be in possession of a loaded firearm. He was released without bail and is awaiting his next court appearance.

Following arraignment in Bronx Criminal Court, only two of the men were held on bail, a decision that left Chell exasperated on Monday.

“Why is a person locked up for a firearm is out on the street on supervised release?” he said. “Why are we doing this a second time? That’s the point.”


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