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Drug dealer is allowed out of prison so he can get married


Photos show Benjamin Connor, 27, kissing Adele Hunter, 26, hours after he walked out of jail on day release. He’s only a few months into a six-year sentence for trafficking £120,000 of cocaine, reports Hull Live.

Connor, who has two kids, was escorted by prison staff for the 30-mile round trip from HMP Humber in Hull to Goole, East Yorkshire, to tie the knot last week. It is believed the expenses were paid for by the taxpayer.

The Ministry of Justice is investigating how the decision was made to give Connor day release.

“We are seeking further clarification on how the wedding was sanctioned and managed,” a Ministry of Justice spokesman said.

A senior Conservative Party source told The Sun: “This rule is in place to visit dying relatives, not to go on a jolly. What next? Lags out for a round of golf? It is not government policy to let drug traffickers out for weddings.

Law-abiding couples across the UK have struggled to tie the knot for over a year due to the pandemic.

“I thought when you went to prison you gave away your human rights,” wrote one man on Facebook.

Another Facebook user posted: “This is why we have so much crime, because our justice system is a joke.”

But writing online after her wedding, Ms Hunter said: “The staff that escorted my other half were so understanding. I’m on Cloud Nine.”

Connor had almost 7lb of cocaine when stopped last July at Wakefield, West Yorkshire. He rammed one police vehicle out of the way and tried to flee.

At Leeds Crown Court in September, he admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply, having criminal property plus a driving charge.

Connor has previously been jailed for drug supply.


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