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Driving expert shares four-step hack to nail reverse parking every time

The task of reversing into a parking space, recognised as one of the most infuriating aspects of driving, can be mastered quickly and easily with this clever technique.

More often than not, drivers spend a considerable amount of time trying to align their cars properly with the spot, only to discover upon reversing that we’ve either parked too close to the adjacent vehicle or failed to park straight.

Not only is poor parking likely to irritate nearby motorists but it could also lead to accidents, hence the importance of getting it right. Thankfully, a four-step guide teaching how to reverse park flawlessly has been shared.

Driving professionals from Zutobi posted a useful video on their TikTok handle @zutobi demonstrating the proper method of reverse parking, seemingly much simpler than many drivers believe. The 42-second clip used a parking simulation software while experts illustrated the four “easy” steps needed to perfect the skill every single time.

The video featured parking in a car park, catering specifically for US drivers, although the tip should be effective irrespective of location.

Their advice read: “Step one: activate your turn signal [indicator] and position your car a car-width away from the parked vehicle. Ensure that your brake lights are aligned with those of the other vehicle.”, reports the Mirror.

“Step two: turn the steering wheel fully in the direction you want to reverse. Slowly back up, using your mirrors to guide you. Step three: once straightened, return the steering wheel to the centre.”

“Step four: continue to reverse until your car is parked neatly in the spot.”

This nugget of wisdom appears rudimentary to experienced motorists who have mastered the art of reversing into a parking spot, but several followers who grapple with this manoeuvre showed their appreciation for sharing the technique.

One user exclaimed: “That was so useful! ” While another replied, “Very useful, will try. Thank you!”.

A few explained they were rather adept at reversing but struggled with other types of parking. One shared: “I love reverse parking, I always do it. The forward parking is what I hate the most, even parallel I prefer.”

Another added: “I’m a pro at this parking, but I struggle with parallel.”


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