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Drivers 'worried' about new car tax changes as Government is 'moving the goalposts'


Danny Morgan, Smart Home Charge Editor said there was “growing concern” over new road pricing plans. He said many drivers feel the Government was “moving the goalposts” for electric car drivers despite recent incentives.

It comes after a report from the Transport Select Committee recommended putting pay per mile charges onto electric vehicles.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Morgan said: “Incentives including the Salary Sacrifice Scheme and Government subsidies for home charging units have seen many make the switch.

“But there is growing concern that the Government is considering moving the goalposts.

“This recent suggestion to change EVs from tax-exempt to tax payable on road tax and increasing BiK, is something our customers are discussing, and worried about.”

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“That’s a good idea in some respects but equally it’s a double-edged sword.

“You’ll have other people that will fight against that incentive because they are of the mindset that the Government is forcing us to go down this route.

“‘They are shoving these electric cars down our throats. I don’t want one but there are all these incentives’.

“And you can sometimes have a reverse effect sometimes when you have an incentive like that, and you don’t need incentives like that.”

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