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Drivers urged to follow simple tip to make electric car ownership much easier

The vehicle retailer Vertu Motors has shared a number of tips that can help make the transition from a petrol or diesel car to an EV easy and efficient.

With more than a million electric cars on the UK roads and almost all mainstream brands offering a diverse range of models, there are EVs to suit all kinds of driver.

To avoid complications, Vertu Motors suggested that drivers should find out where the nearest set of public charging points are in their area.

Whilst some electric car owners may wish to install a home charger, which can replenish the battery for less, understanding how to easily get to public charging points can help to avoid range anxiety.

Most smartphone map services allow users to search for the nearest charging points to them and the most effective way to get there.

In addition, the company noted that electric car owners should also download charging apps to their phone and set up accounts.

Whilst the company noted that this may sound time consuming, it is typically very easy to register an account and is necessary in order to use some of the most popular public chargers across the country.

Once they are set up, these apps can also help motorists save some money on charging costs by checking current prices before they decide where they should plug in.

Finally, Vertu Motors recommended that drivers considering buying an electric car make sure they know how to take care of the battery.

Whilst EVs tend to require much less maintenance than petrol-powered alternatives, owners still need to be mindful of when they charge their car up in order to maintain a decent range.

In order to get the best lifespan from their vehicle, motorists should plug their electric car in when the battery reaches around 20 percent and take it off charge at around 80 percent.


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