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Drivers urged to avoid mistake that could 'invalidate insurance' and put others at risk

The specialist insurance broker ChoiceQuote has offered a number of tips that could help drivers avoid their insurance policy from being suddenly cancelled.

With the cost of car insurance increasing for almost all drivers, it is important that motorists are always honest with what they tell their provider and act sensibly behind the wheel.

Phil Leese, Taxi and Specialist Motor Trading Manager at ChoiceQuote, highlighted that simple considerations can help drivers to avoid their policy from being cancelled.

He advised: “When making any journey, it is important for drivers to always keep aware of the Highway Code to avoid any possible fines or penalties.

“It’s also crucial to understand the lesser-known factors that could potentially invalidate your coverage. These can be simple actions such as drivers ensuring that they are wearing suitable footwear. Not only could these actions invalidate your insurance, but they could also risk both the driver’s and other road users’ safety.”

According to ChoiceQuote, one of the most common ways drivers get their insurance policy cancelled is by driving a vehicle using inappropriate footwear.

With the summer months on the way, it can be tempting for drivers to think about getting behind the wheel wearing flipflops or sandals.

However, according to the Highway Code, drivers must always choose shoes that allow them to operate the pedals of their vehicle safely, else they risk fines of up to £5,000.

Another way in which motorists risk having their vehicle’s cover revoked is by leaving the windows open when the car is unattended.

Few drivers enjoy the feeling of getting into a stuffy car when the weather is warm, however leaving the windows down in a bid to improve airflow could tempt thieves to break in.

Similarly, many insurance policies also require that vehicles are not left unattended with their keys in the vehicle.

Finally, ChoiceQuote suggested that drivers should also be considerate when they are packing items in their car for lengthy trips.

Whilst many drivers insist that their car has a large boot, they should always try to avoid packing bulky items that block the view from the interior mirror.

In addition, driving a car that is carrying too much may also affect the way it handles around corners and increase the stopping distance, putting occupants at a higher risk of accidents.


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