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Drivers told to keep an unusual item on their passenger seat to save fuel

Motorists have been given a bizarre yet effective tip to save on fuel costs by driving with a bowl of water on the passenger seat.

The quirky advice, which has gone viral on TikTok, is part of a series of measures suggested to help drivers in England combat the soaring cost of living.

ChooseMyCar.com’s experts have weighed in, saying: “Keeping an open bowl of water on your passenger seat is a great deterrent for unnecessary acceleration and braking.

“If you hit the accelerator too hard, you’ll see water pour out the sides; likewise, if you’re driving too fast and braking hard you’ll notice water on the seat.”

They advise using small cereal bowls filled to about an inch from the top to prevent spillage, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

Additional tips include parking your car to face the morning sun in winter months to minimise the need for warming up or demisting, and utilising garages to keep cars at optimal temperatures for fuel efficiency.

Vanarama also endorses the water bowl method as a means to encourage more mindful driving, noting: “When you’re driving, imagine there’s a bowl of water on the seat next to you, that shouldn’t spill.

“Braking gently, avoiding rushing through gears and keeping the speed at a reasonable level, can all help reduce the amount of fuel burnt on a journey.”

Drivers have expressed their views on the matter, with one jokingly commenting: “Until a cat runs out and you need to brake suddenly.

“Then you’ve soaked your car and potentially launched water into your electrics!”

Another driver humorously suggested: “Whoever came up with this nonsense should have a bowl of water emptied over them!”

Yet another driver remarked: “A cereal bowl with water an inch from the top! It might just work if you’re in a funeral cortege; some of us have places to go.”


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