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Drivers slam incoming number plate changes over UK sticker – ‘Ban Euro plates in return’


Express.co.uk readers have slammed the number plate changes, with many calling on the Government to ban any drivers with Euro plates from entering the country. From September 28, British motorists travelling abroad will be legally required to display a UK sticker on their vehicle.

Fellow commenter, Jyd, suggested: “No problem. Ban Euro plates from coming here in return.

“There must be thousands of untaxed uninsured European plated vans and cars running around London.”

Another user, What’sThis!, reiterated the calls for cars with EU plates to be banned.

They said: “Simple answer, no EU number plates allowed into the UK.

“Those plates are perfectly acceptable by international agreement.

“Only the UK decided to wilfully change their standard to one that no UK cars actually have.”

User rharris75, also said: “It is just an identifier of country of origin.

“I mean the fact that a UK registration is unique and cars are right hand drive you would think is enough but it’s no biggie.”

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