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Drivers opt for popular family hatchback as used car sales increase to a five-year high

The extended vehicle cover provider Warrantywise has shared a list of the UK’s most popular used cars for the first quarter of 2024.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the used car market has reached a five-year high, with more than two million vehicles sold during the three-month period.

Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of Warrantywise, noted that the rising cost of motoring bills has caused an increase in drivers buying a pre-owned car.

He explained: “The latest figures from the SMMT underscore the unique challenges we face today. We’re still navigating the aftermath of the pandemic and grappling with an economic downturn that sees costs escalating at every turn.

“This has led to a surge in demand for used cars as consumers opt for more budget-friendly options over purchasing new vehicles. Cars like the beloved Ford Fiesta.”

According to Warrantywise, the most popular car during the first three months of 2024 was the Ford Fiesta, with 80,814 sold.

Built between 1976 to 2023, the Ford Fiesta has always been a popular choice due to its good looks, ease of driving and low running costs.

The company also noted that the Fiesta has a good reputation for being a reliable model, scoring 70 out of 100 in a recent reliability study.

Generally, smaller cars accounted for some of the most popular used cars, with the Vauxhall Corsa, Mini and Volkswagen Polo also featuring in the top 10.

However, despite many motorists looking to reduce the amount of money spent on their next vehicle, some smaller luxury models remained a popular choice.

These included the BMW 3-Series and Audi A3, along with the larger Nissan Qashqai SUV, which were all included in the top 10.


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